Two teams from Smith Neck Friends have gone to Jean Lafette, Louisiana with  Friends Disaster Service (FDS).  
FDS teams have built two new homes for families in the area and repaired about 20 other homes
Support from friends in the Dartmouth area make the work of Smith Neck Friends’ FDS group possible.  Thank you for your continued prayers, financial contributions, and volunteer labor.  
Photos by Dan Kasztelan
FDS Trip to Jean Lafette, LA
Bob Winn, Dan Lowney, Mike McCormick
Laureen Lowney & Dan Lowney
Laureen Lowney & Adda (new homeowner)
Matt Brodo
Marianne Brodo
Dan Lowney and Marianne Brodo
Dan Lowney
Tyler Rowe
Adda's house
Steven Terrell
Tyler Rowe and Steven Terrell
Helping Hands
9 feet up
Stephanie & Adda (homeowner)
Break Time
Dan Lowney and Matt Brodo
Thank You God!